Chester Duck Race!

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13th Sep 2018

This year we’ve decided to take part in a new challenge…. The Chester Duck Race 2018, in aid of the Countess charity. We were merely spectators last year as the event raised a massive £20,000 for the charity.  This year however, we’ve gone all out and supported the event with the addition of a Coach House duck in the running… (swimming?)

We were originally introduced to our slightly lopsided duck 2 weeks ago and we instantly fell in love. Her unevenly balanced appearance means she may be swimming in circles throughout the duration of the race, but at the end of the day, we don’t really care; after all it’s the taking part that counts right?

Over the course of the past 2 weeks Frou has been undergoing a major transformation, from a standard yellow duck, to a magical white horse, with a bit of help of course from her fairy godmother; our lovely (and very talented) waitress Regan D’Henin.

Why Cinderella you may ask? well, we decided to go with the theme for two big reasons;

  1. We wanted to have the addition of a few baby ducks to symbolise the team at The Coach House; we truly believe that no race can be won alone!
  2. Well, it always had to be a Coach & Horse really didn’t it??? Although we officially became “The Coach House” 10 years ago, a lot of people in Chester still know us as “The Coach & Horses”


It’s the big reveal… Introducing, Frou!

The big race is 12 – 2pm on the 22nd September. Frou is determined to get Cinderella & her posse across the finish line in 1st place and it would be great if you could be there to support her. There is also a “Facebook Favourite” competition on the Countess charity Facebook page and it would be great if you can show some love there too with a quick vote for Frou!

Wish her luck!