Duck Race Win!

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24th Sep 2018

This year was our first attempt at the Chester Duck Race; in aid of the Countess charity. We had a fantastic time dressing our duck Frou and watching her swim across the finish line at the weekend. Unfortunately she didn’t quite win the race, however she did win the much coveted ‘Best Dressed’ prize!

We were originally introduced to our slightly lopsided duck a few weeks ago and we instantly fell in love. We decided to go transform our duck (named Frou) into a magical horse, set to pull Cinderella, her fairy godmother and friends, in their Coach House carriage across the finish line. Despite re-branding the original “Coach & Horses” to the more modern “The Coach House Inn” over 10 years ago, the remnants  of travellers past, bringing their steed in for a nights respite in the eighteen hundreds, remain a big part of our history; so of course, it only seemed fitting that we went with a Coach and Horses theme!



On the big day, she was paraded with all the other corporate ducks for Chester to admire. There was certainly tough competition for Best Dressed as it seems everyone went all out for the event. It was fantastic to see the reactions of the public; with many children stroking the ducks and posing for photos, she must have felt somewhat of a celebrity! She even had a special Dee 106.3 mention, with DJ Gavin Matthews rightly pointing out that her coach may slow her down in the race.

When the time came for the ducks to get ready at the starting line, Frou took her time in true diva style and was the last duck to make it over to the water. To the frustration of her cheering fans, this lackadaisical approach may have cost her the race. She seemed to much prefer swimming in circles at the back, to racing ahead to the front. Regardless of her finishing time, we couldn’t be prouder of Frou and her best dressed award… here’s to next year!

***A special shout out must go to our very talented waitress Regan D’Henin who dressed her up for the big event! Congratulations Regan, she certainly was the belle of the ball!


A few of our favourites from the competition: